When it comes to existing occasions in sports, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo can come across as running out touch at times. Yet there’s little refuting that the man understands his background when it concerns all sporting activities.

That does not mean Russo can not float debatable point of views on the history of college football though. He did that specific point on today’s version of ESPN’s First Take.

For the section “Mad Dog’s A-List,” Russo provided off the 5 colleges that he considers the “most storied CFB programs.” His listing (coming down from five to one) included Oklahoma, USC, Alabama, Michigan and Notre Dame.

Russo gave his reasons for each of those programs being in the place he had them. All the while, his First Take co-hosts were stunlocked by exactly how absurd they located his checklist.

Molly Qerim continually admonished Russo for conjuring up imagery from the black and white era of television in making his picks. However Russo was unflinching.

You can inform by the looks on Ryan Clark and David Pollack’s faces that enjoying Chris Russo discuss college football like that was painful.

Almost all of the references Russo made had to do with instructors, groups and gamers from the 1960s as well as earlier.

As you might expect, university football followers didn’t like the list. Some think that his list meets the definition of a “Storied program.” But also for the most part, there’s a lot of online facepalming taking place.

Do you agree with Russo’s list right here?

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