When Texas as well as Oklahoma chose to leave the Large 12 for the SEC, the college football globe shook up. Who understood that was just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the meeting realignment saga?

The Sooners as well as Longhorns will certainly join the seminar where “it just indicates more” no later than 2025. Already, USC as well as UCLA will certainly currently be a year right into adjusting to winter season weekends as members of the Big 10.

Will any individual else be calling a certain seminar it’s brand-new home already? To address that, it all boils down to timing and luck.

The luck of the Irish to be specific.

Notre Dame holds all the cards in the next major move for adjustment. Sure, the Huge 12 is doing its homework on up to six programs from the now-fleeting Pac-12. Yes, various other schools will be examining the waters to see if they receive a shot at joining both “extremely conferences” of tomorrow.

Those moves will certainly be a thing of the past simple hours after the news. Not Norte Dame. Surrendering its freedom as an Independent would certainly change the training course of university football as the customer understands it.

The Big 10 desires Notre Dame. Several sources have verified to LonghornsCountry.com that the Irish are the enthusiastic following domino to fall in the conference’s prepare for growth. Both Oregon as well as Washington have supposedly reached out around complying with the two L.A.-based programs to the meeting, however commissioner Kevin Warren is looking larger.

Is there a bigger free agent than the Irish? No, not in simply university football. In all facets. The organization has actually been used handle the past and left money on the table to remain its independence and hand pick its schedule.

It’ll take a king’s ransom for Notre Dame to say goodbye to its former ways, but it’s feasible. As well as don’t believe Warren is the just one paying attention to what’s taking place in South Bend. Greg Sankey and the SEC are also on pins and needles waiting for the response.

It’s a stretch to state the SEC would certainly be all-in on Notre Dame, however complete stranger things have actually happened. That had on their Bingo card that two programs out west would strike take a trip the minimum of 1,500 miles to encounter a future conference opponent?

Are pigs flying? Did the adversary admit his house froze over?

University Football Playoff development could be coming. ‘When’ is the question. In the meantime, it will certainly go to least after 2026 on the current offer. By then, the Big Ten and SEC might have various other strategies, among which would be beginning a two-league variation of the CFP to choose a national champion.

No seminar, no chance for a Notre Dame title. Is that sufficient for the Irish to conform to the norm?

The Combating Irish could be the 17th, 20th and even 30th program to sign up with the Big 10. Warren will authorize the application. The unanimous votes given to UCLA as well as USC will certainly be a thing of the past with how quickly the conference elects Notre Dame as the newest participant of the only conference on rate to take on the SEC.

Sankey knows this as well. What happens in return? Call are made to the ACC to match the production of profits that comes with the Irish signing up with the Big Ten.

Clemson would be the preferred to head to SEC. Miami and Florida State, two programs with a rich football background and wanting to go back to splendor, would be close behind. Maybe Virginia, Virginia Tech or North Carolina State follow suit after?

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