Lane Kiffin, the head coach of Ole Miss, stated on Saturday that he will miss Monday night’s season opener against Louisville after testing positive for COVID.

Kiffin has been outspoken about his support for vaccinations and his program’s immunization percentage of 100 percent among the coaching staff and players. In his remarks on Saturday, he maintained his support for labeling his diagnosis as a breakthrough case. Furthermore, Kiffin stated that no additional coaches or players are likely to miss the game as a result of the positive test at this time.

Kiffin stated, “I am sad to announce that I have acquired a breakthrough case of Covid and will not be accompanying our team to Atlanta.” “I’m thankful to have been vaccinated and just had minor symptoms. So much so that I pondered whether or not I should get tested, but I’m glad I did. I’m pleased with our program’s dedication to immunization, and as a consequence, no further instances have been reported, and no team members are anticipated to miss the game. We will continue to keep a careful eye on our staff and take appropriate action if any symptoms emerge.”

In the last game of Week 1, Ole Miss and Louisville meet in Atlanta on Monday night. The Rebels are presently a 10-point favorite in this game. According to ESPN, Ole Miss had not yet chosen who would serve as interim head coach for the game at the time of Kiffin’s statement.

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