With the implementation of the transfer portal to college football, athletes may now transfer from one school to another with little to no repercussions for the time being. As of now, it’s a robust system with thousands of players moving from one institution to the next in quest of playing time, a new experience, a different coaching staff, or whatever it is they’re looking for. As some may describe it, it’s “college football free agency.”

Despite the fact that long-term consequences of new ideas like as the transfer site and NIL are unknown, short-term results suggest that the sport is healthy and that these new additions will enhance it.

As spring practices wind down, there’s still a lot of “portaling” (as 247 Sports’ Josh Pate would put it) to be done this summer. Auburn, coming off a dismal first season under Bryan Harsin’s leadership, will most likely attempt to bring in some new blood to help shore up any lean or inexperienced position groupings. Before the start of autumn camp, there are a few things that need to be addressed.

The Tigers should target three spots in the portal.

Line of Attack

Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics

Despite having one of the most experienced offensive lines in the SEC, Auburn has failed to create a running game in recent seasons. There are a few possible possibilities in the portal right now that the Tigers could check into (including two five-star prospects from Georgia).

If Auburn fails to reach the portal this season, the trenches must be a top emphasis in this year’s recruiting cycle.

Receiver with a Wide Range

Todd Van Emst/AU Athletic

At receiver, the most pressing worry is a lack of experience. Guys like Malcom Johnson Jr, Tar’Varish Dawson, and Ja’Varrius Johnson, among others, have a lot of promise.

Corey Rucker, a quality outside receiver who chose to transfer from Arkansas State to South Carolina over the Tigers, was just what Auburn needed. I anticipate Auburn to be one of the first clubs to contact another receiver like Rucker if he enters the portal again shortly.


Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics

Depth and experience are a problem once again. With the departures of Smoke Monday and Bydarrius Knighten, Auburn’s starting quarterbacks are Donovan Kaufman and Zion Puckett.

There isn’t a lot of guaranteed depth at the position (Cayden Bridges, Marquise Gilbert), so I’d like to see Auburn add a portal player before the season starts.

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