A question you ask on your own this week is this: What good is it having one of one of the most adored college football arenas in the country if your team doesn’t play with the very best?

With the Pac-12 Meeting suddenly thinned down by the USC and UCLA defections to the Huge Ten, the University of Washington football program likewise discovers itself at an affordable crossroad.

We just examined and also Husky Stadium is still standing beside Lake Washington, shining radiantly in the sunshine, asking for big-name opponents and also nationwide TV protection to appear on an extra constant basis.

Why wouldn’t the Huskies wish to be done in on a competitive level with a very meeting or extremely seminars?

University football is going through an additional radical revision, or do you not remember when Texas A&M and Missouri weren’t part of the SEC and also Nebraska as well as Penn State didn’t belong to the Large 10?

With it all, Husky Stadium has actually preserved a regal existence, even subjecting itself to a $261 million remodel a decade earlier, on the edge of Lake Washington.

Simply today, a person at NFL.com offered its listing of the nation’s top 15 college football locations, using storied history, rowdy followers or bird’s-eye views as a barometer.

The Rose Bowl was first.

No argument in any way.

Husky Stadium was 3rd.

Again, no pushback whatsoever.

The 101-year facility in Montlake has actually had a good local run for one of the most part. Currently it’s time to share it with the rest of the country often, with consistent prime-time television coverage and all of America finding out about this location.

This is the only method university football ever will certainly level and also welcome national champs from locations aside from Alabama, Georgia and Clemson.

University basketball underwent an affordable despair when it was UCLA beating every person else over and over, and every little thing became maddeningly repeated. A larger competition and March Insanity perked up points and also generated a host of various champions.

The SEC does not require to win all of it every year on the football area. It’s time for some January Chaos to take control of. Allow a group with a much smaller sized NIL budget upset one spending millions. What an underdog outcry that would create.

Husky Stadium is top notch. Time to bring the rest of the football program up to that level. The facility should have absolutely nothing much less.

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